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Following the news earlier this week that a new patch was on its way, Microsoft has released the said patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new update, build, fixes a few introduced issues following Sim Update 9 which released at the end of April.

This update fixes various crashes that occurred on the world map, windshield flickering, and various crashes at numerous airports with a beacon but no runway.

Sim Update 9 was designed to help squash many issues that plagued the sim, but a few new issues cropped up. Microsoft acknowledged that even with 4 weeks of beta testing (and two build updates), some things slipped through the cracks. But, the team is working on ways to identify the gaps in the testing process to make sure things go smoother for future updates.

As with any updates, you should move your community folder before updating to prevent any possible issues. Once the update is complete, you can simply move the folder back. In order to get the update, you will need to run either Steam or the Xbox application. You may need to restart your PC for the update to appear.

Release Notes

  • Fixed various crashes on the world map
  • Fixed crashes affecting airports that have a beacon but no runway (BIKF for example)
  • Fixed simobject data request creation process preventing Flight sim gear peripherals from working
  • Fixed a crash in vector placement during back to main menu
  • Fixed LOD streaming in vector placement in the Scenery editor
  • Fixed windshield flickering when the render scale is not set to 100%
  • Fixed CGL updating loading order to ensure custom CGL files are loaded correctly
  • Fixed ATC Azure TTS goes silent while in gameplay
  • Fixed crashes about SimConnect message reception after being closed in WASM

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